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Your all-exclusive guide to joining this roleplay -- everything you need to know in one place

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Kick back with your fellow members and take it easy.

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Just as it says. Learn how to join the roleplay here! Lessons are geared towards this RP more than general Roleplaying.

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No New Posts Skill Learning and Enhancing Roleplay Center (SLERP)

Officially open!

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No New Posts Requests

Before you can begin roleplaying, you'll have to request your character, and you may also want to request other things, such as an empire or kingdom to rule over. All which you need to know may be found here.

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Milky Way Galaxy

No New Posts Westhot

Westhot is a lovely little planet. Currently, the entire planet is decorated with all sorts of attractions for the Festival Of Waves, which is being hosted by GOL Inc. Destoryed in the Battle Of Westhot. This planet has been destroyed by two rebel embodiments. The survivors of the attack should wake up on the planet of Shore.

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Mysteriously, this ancient, floating city ship of the long-dead Starclan appears! In an unknown, strange realm, this ship floats through space, near death! Alas, a massive anomaly has resulted in a crack in space! Will your character end up on this strange city-sized ship? It is seemingly an abandoned ghost ship, but something lurks in the walls.

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No New Posts Astran

The Astral Planet. Astran was once a planet of high spiritual connection and a magically sensitive place. It was the closet a mage could come to the Astral Plane while still being on the physical plane, and once stood in the Mortal Dimension. It was later moved by Hikaru outside the dimensional plane as well as physical plane all together and set inside the Astral Plane in the white nothingness of Existence. Being an object of the Physical Plane yet located in the Astral Plane, Astran has become a contradiction and assumed kind of ingrounded planet.

Owned by no one, it is only accessible to spirits and those that can access the Astral Plane.

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No New Posts Eiden

One of two inhabitable planets in this solar system, this planet was terraformed a few decades ago and made to be an exact replica of a now-destroyed city named Japae. Home of a variety of races, including the Japaen Sages -- magic users originally from the city of Japae -- and Zarethians, a humanoid race of warriors on the brink of extinction. Officially a colony of the Zarethian Empire, all are welcome to this planet-wide city.

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No New Posts Gyokoru

The only planet in this solar system which was naturally inhabitable without need for terraforming. This planet, while officially a colony of the Zarethian Empire, is primarily made up of a long-forgotten group of magic users known as Japaen Sages. This planet has become a sort of refuge for the Japaen Sages after their home planet was destroyed. Talk of independence from the Zarethian Empire is strong here, with secession possibly approaching any day.

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No New Posts Japae

Japae is a very rich location in history. It is a Pocket Dimension. It is the home of the former K Empire/Xanacorian people, now under the rule of the Japae Empire. Many of the ancestors of the civilians of those here were taken from the Earth country of Japan and brought here long ago, thus contributing to its name. Emptied of its inhabitants, the pocket dimension of Japae now lies in the depths of chasm of Cruor, deep within its darkness trapped for all of eternity.

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No New Posts {Destroyed} GS-Max Prison

The need for prisons able to hold people like the Anrufe has not been lost on the Narrikians and this prison has been made specifically for that purpose. The prison while it does not use AM Fields has a dampening effect on even half Narrikians, but does not affect full Narrikians. The prison also has robotic and Narrikian Guards on duty. Siege Platforms are hidden in pocket dimensions near every exit and when the alarms of this place go off they come out and can prepare to fire. There are also sleeping gas shooters in every cell. Furthermore prisoners of the Galactic Super Max Prison are injected with nanites that cause their bodies immense agony if they try to leave, and the nanites have Am Properties. The Galactic Super Max Prison is also well secured, with 1000 guards and 500 soldiers assigned to the prison to keep anyone from escaping. VE have also been put on duty as well to keep the prison from being invaded. The Galactic Super Max uses Narrikian only shields to prevent people from exiting that are not authorized as well. The exit of the prison is always under heavy guard and requires a pass code that is changed every minute so as to prevent escape attempts. The prison has been built on Terra Tempestus and is concealed by means of illusions.

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No New Posts New Westhot

A very small planet, mostly ocean, with a single stretch of land on which a city rests comfortably, governed by Galactic, Inc. New Westhot is a planet devoted to achieving peace in these ever growing times of war. It has no permanent residents, but instead is a commercial district where those from any empire can come to find peace. Many meetings and deals happen here between empire leaders.

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No New Posts K City

Welcome to the humble K City, home of the K Empire! The city is very accessible to any race and is always bustling with activity. The city itself is accessed by a large wormhole in the Kalak Solar System. Those who cross through the wormhole are warped into the city itself. The city, and the empire as a whole, is ruled by the newly-crowned Queen Elizabeth Tyris. Those who come to the city may be fortunate enough to meet the queen.

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No New Posts Violet

A beautiful planet, from space, Violet appears to be full of green lands and blue seas. This is, in fact, the truth -- nearly 100% of the landscape is made up of green valleys. It's two oceans are wide and expansive as well. There are virtually no settlements on the planet itself, but instead, a variety of space-stations orbit around Violet where most of its permanent residents reside. Light rain falls on regions of this planet often, and as a result, rainbows are often present in the sky. Violet is officially governed by a cybernetic race known as the Mechera, though all are welcome.

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No New Posts City Of Lus

In the final days of the Ancient Starclan's peak, this city was constructed -- a city covering an entire planet. It was made to protect all the information of the Starclan. Soon after its construction, a new emperor was crowned within the Starclan and the city was abandoned, and over time, forgotten. As of new happenings, The City of the Suvian was found by the two magic incarnations known as Rev and Gen, who with their friend, awoke the AI of the city. To save the planet, they enlisted help from the Archive, and the city was moved to a pseudo planet made up completely of metal and technology. Later renamed to City of Lus with the creation of the Lus empire.

Owned By: Rev and Gen

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No New Posts {Destroyed} The Library

The Library is the base of The Archive, right in the middle of the Kalak Galaxy, in a quasar. Owned by The Coalition.

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No New Posts Coldlands

Neighboring Elemora, this planet is Elemora's "negi". It is a land devoid of nature or elements. Here, the Negi Elemorians live a simple life. They do not fight their counterparts like most negi, but there are talks on the planet that a war will someday come between the Coldlands and Elemora.

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Saeculum Galaxy

No New Posts Xap

Originally an abandoned, untamed planet, the Imbellis and Bellicus races came here to live for several years. Known as the chosen people of Fate, this world is known as Fate's Throne. The people of this world have left it behind to go to a better place. It has been taken by the Narkarrians.

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No New Posts Galactic Times Space Station

This space station is anchored in dead space in the Milky Way Galaxy. It is the headquarters of the Galactic, Inc. Newspaper "Galactic Times".

Owned by Galactic, Inc.

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No New Posts Mexta Space Station

The Mexta Space Station was built by a now extinct people known as Mexans. Contains tons of research on space.

Owned By: Anrufe

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on November 28, 2011, 06:42:32 PM

No New Posts Migaitt

A black dwarf planet said to be nearby Novier. To be quite blunt, this ball of pretty much super condensed metal is the resources for all of Novier. Hundreds of measures have been put in place to prevent this dwarf from being taken over by anyone who dares venture near it.

Ruling Party: Novieren Empire

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No New Posts Novier

The planet is most notable for it's quite stable climate, with a few lapses of coldness once the winter of the planet sets in. The planet isn't out of the ordinary in comparison to Earth, with there being more water than land and such.

Capital Of: Novieren Empire

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No New Posts Shentonaye

A prison space-station secretly kept and maintained by Galactic, Inc.

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on February 29, 2012, 01:14:24 PM

No New Posts Bula Bala

Bula Bala's people are religious extremists believing in a god named Lato. The climate is mountain-like. Emptied of its inhabitants, Bula Bula now hangs in orbit around Cruor, circling the planet as it takes its place as Cruor's moon.

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on June 07, 2011, 10:39:31 PM

No New Posts Fioa

A large, earth-like planet. The homeplanet of the Fioans. Magic users and technology users alike find themselves somewhat empowered on this planet.

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on October 30, 2012, 11:53:53 AM

No New Posts Aloange

Aloange (pronounced "Aloanje") is a planet which once resembled one which was Italian in nature, ruled by various mafia bosses. Now controlled by the Wayward Marid, much of the population has been destroyed.

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on October 30, 2012, 11:50:58 AM

No New Posts Helios

An uninhabitable gas giant. It pulses with thousands of unique elements that are rare or nonexistent throughout the universe. No ordinary being could live on it, but twelve of it's moons are at least semi terrestrial. Currently covered by the Aserical Shadow, a cloud that was placed over the the planet by the angel Aser that makes the entirety of the planet and it's moons appear to not exist. That, coupled with it's proximity to Maltruse, kept anyone from stumbling upon it until recently when it was discovered by a K Empire ship, and subsequently as a result by a mysterious attacker who destroyed one of the moons.

Owned By the United Confederation of the Heliphlien Empire (UCHE).

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No New Posts Aurum

Aurum is a solid gold planet. Not only gold in color, but the very ground is gold. The sky? Gaseous gold. The water? Liquid gold. The ground? Normal but the grass grown from it is gold. This is done through the Gryphons focused magic on evolving the planet through years passed.

Owned by The Gryphon Sages

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No New Posts Pleasure Planet

This "Planet" is actually a highly advanced Bio-sphere with a ship built around it. The main biosphere area, in the center of the ship, houses all sorts of entertainment. There's casinos, luxury hotels, and clubs of all sorts of different kinds. Most famously, Club Starlight adorns the top of the ship, a fantastic transparent dome top means a club experience with no other. Pleasure Planet is it's own sovereign nation, spending time in open space and therefore independent of any planet law. This ship is an experience without equal, and the party never stops. The entire project was funded by a wealthy crime syndicate boss, and he owns every business in it. The ship itself has a state of the art docking system for ships of all sizes and has a small private protective fleet. Due to it's luxurious nature, It's a little smaller then your average capitol ship and not very fast.

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No New Posts Lorcar System Placeholder

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No New Posts {Destroyed} Magimeta

A recently discovered planet, its a bit odd. Any magical being that enters this world would soon notice the magic flowing through everything, the wind, the water, the trees, even the animals. Magic seems to be amplified here naturally, and the rain seems to contain healing effects. But the most appealing thing about this world is that violence here is impossible. Literally, attacking another sentient being activates some sort of barrier. And attacks from orbit hit the barrier as well.

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No New Posts Marid Solar System Placeholder

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No New Posts Tefillin

A large, temperate, beautiful world near a large, blue sun. The planet's main landmasses are two large continents opposite each other and a few archipelago island masses between them. The planet has two small polar ice caps on the north and south polls. The eastern continent has a very large desert that covers almost a quarter of it. It also has many tropical forests on it as well. The western continent is more intermediate in its climate types. It has more temperate forests that cover the inner area and on the outer area's there are beautiful white sand beaches that last for miles inland. The archipelagos are mostly tropical. The life on the planet is primitive, but mostly not very dangerous. Many reptiles and mammals. Heavily defended, there are several cities on this largely populated planet.

Capital of the New Zarethian Empire.

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Child Boards: K'olar Industries Space Station, Heart Of The Council, Zarethian Hand Headquarters
No New Posts Inarin, Planet of the New Templars

A forest planet with a mighty citadel in the North. It is magically connected to the Records of Time, causing Templars and Asura alike to have their abilities greatly amplified while on the planet.

This planet is home of the time-traveling Templar named Jay Stryder, as well as his companions, Inari and Nek.

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No New Posts The Rebirth

This super titan is the size of four Suns. It was built eons ago by a technologically advanced alien race before being abandoned, only to be found years later by a group of explorers. The Fioan Kingdom began to repair the inner cores and workings of the ship, renovating it to work with Fioan Tech. The Rebirth roughly takes the shape of a rectangular prism, and has a blue color. Upon discovery, there has been no sign of damage or wear.

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No New Posts Autumnavia

A beautiful world with Asian architecture where it's always Autumn and frequently Halloween. Two cosmic forces fight a terrible war, though most of the planet's inhabitants can't see them.

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Child Boards: Wayword Marid Station, Marid Settlement Tower

Vaccus Galaxy

No New Posts Etheris

The planet where the City of the Suvian once stood. After ages of damage mysterious tower now stands on this planet, reaching high into the sky.

Owned By: Anrufe

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No New Posts Nil

Like all the other planets of the Vaccus Galaxy, Nil orbits an ever rotating pulsar. This planet is completely made up of an unknown silvery substance, now christened, Nilgaitt . For the most, this planet is uninhabited, except for various types of birds and other winged creatures. Having the most peculiar effect on magic users, the properties of Nilgaitt negate magic. Unlike AM fields, magic users fall under no suppression, but any magic cast will fade away almost instantly, rendering magic useless. It is speculated that if one were to create things from this planet, they would also hold that ability.

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Child Boards: Offias
No New Posts Orbis

The pulsar which everything in this galaxy rotates around. Pulsars are highly magnetized, rotating neutron stars that emit a beam of electromagnetic radiation. No technology can exist here.

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on December 31, 2012, 09:13:47 PM

No New Posts Atrus

A black star, Atrus is almost similiar to a black hole, but it has been stopped between the point of collapsing and creating a singularity; like time had just slowed down in the process of it dying. All light on or around Atrus, would be trapped in the stars gravity, rendering it utterly dark. (This includes the light from Lucis) On this star, space and time break.

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on March 04, 2011, 05:55:24 PM

No New Posts Illuser

"The Lost Eden," Illuser is never in one place for very long. Probably one of the only planets of Vaccus that doesn't orbit the pulsar. Illuser jumps about the Galaxy every waking day, always in a location least expected. And without knowing the location, this makes even teleportation and portals impossible. But in the off chance one does come across it? Oh, is it worth it. All sky, and no land, but a single floating island of lush green flora, with a single tree that reaches to the very edge of the atmosphere of the planet, stopping just before hitting space. It is said that the fruit of this tree is legendary and is the very tree from Eden its self. Of course, that is all just rumor and speculation, as the only records of one eating the fruit had them suffering every unspeakable fear and evil within their own heart, and not living to tell the tale.

Owned By: Ferrarian Empire

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No New Posts Enwa

Enwa is what's known as a Q-star or gray hole. With an exotic and very unknown state of matter, Enwa's secrets have yet to be discovered. What is known, however. Is that Enwa acts like a black hole, in pulling things into its gravitational field and being extraordinarily dense. However, what's pulled in, isn't crushed, by some natural occurring miracle, and is instead pulled onto the surface of the star and trapped. Once pulled onto Enwa, There. Is. No. Escape.

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No New Posts Lucis

When the Vaccus Galaxy first formed, its largest star collapsed into a black hole, but was big enough to withstand the dense gravity and thus instead resulted into a quasistar. Lucis, as a quasistar shines light across the whole galaxy of Vaccus. Unowned.

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in Pulled to its Origins
on March 04, 2011, 05:21:41 PM

Insanus Galaxy

No New Posts Sovereign

Sovereign is a ship graveyard, an empty point in space that has been filled to the brim with the remnants of some ancient civilization's conflict. It's rumored that any one who travels here has the chance to find ancient technology to scavenge. But the rumors don't stop there, it is supposedly protected by a leviathan or some sort of creature.

Owned By: Anrufe

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on October 19, 2012, 05:59:25 PM

No New Posts Walape

Once a beautiful snow planet filled with hunters and gatherers, it is now an Anrufe base. The surface is now uninhabitable after a battle with the Lorcar, with no atmosphere to speak of. Meteors sometimes crash upon the planet due to its lack of atmosphere, causing massive craters, and its temperature is quite hot as well. Two massive rings now surround the planet, formed by magical and technological debris from the recent battle. The Anrufe's bases are deep underground and well protected.

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on December 21, 2012, 01:51:02 PM

No New Posts Ferrari

Once a a lush jungle planet Ferrari is now what you could call an "Industrialists wet dream". There are massive steel and iron factories spread all across the planet and as a result have caused the sky to darken and become red, as if the planet itself is aflame. The largest of these factories is the Yib-Nigaroth. It is the homeworld of the Smiths and Mercers as well as being the home of the Ferrarian empire.

Ruling Party: Ferrarian Empire

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in {OPEN} C A L Y P S O
on May 03, 2013, 12:01:22 AM

Child Boards: Yib-Nigaroth
No New Posts Talar Space Station

Talar is a star in the Insanus Galaxy which an asteroid belt once orbited. This belt was home to pirates everywhere, a safe haven, until it was destroyed in the Battle of Talar Sphere by the Marid. The Marid have since been defeated, and a new space-station has been built here, a new haven to space piracy, in the wake of the past.

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on April 25, 2013, 04:37:40 PM

No New Posts {Destroyed} Temar

Temar is a remarkably unusual planet, moving through space, sustained by a shroud of light which surrounds the planet. Temperatures, remarkably, remain around 100 degrees. Its full of plant life.

Colony Of: New Zarethian Empire

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on February 02, 2013, 11:29:35 PM

No New Posts Duerme

The planet's general color changes from time to time, depending on the mass emotion that everyone is feeling. However, there are some parts on the planet where it is divided into seasons. Areas stay winter, autumn, spring, and summer. A nice warm and cozy feeling is what this planet gives, like "home".

Protected By: Mecherans

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in Full Retreat from Duerme
on January 30, 2013, 05:59:27 PM

No New Posts Frezzi

This world is a bit of an oddity, it's a gas giant with an incredibly dense atmosphere. Meaning that the pressure on the surface of the planet is enough to create a type of water known as Ice Seven, or hot ice. It's super-compressed water. The entire surface is an ocean. It's noted that there are multiple energetic anomalies rising from the bottom of the ocean when scanned, but many have not made it that far due to the extreme pressure.

Ruling Party: Mechera

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on July 02, 2013, 03:53:35 PM

No New Posts Barren Planet

A home of various necromancers, this planet is a dark one, with various necromancer communities centered around a dark tower, said to have once been the home of Vincent the Necromancer, son of Koty, the embodiment of Destruction.

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on January 30, 2013, 08:28:10 PM

Child Boards: Dark Tower
No New Posts Duppin

This world, along with many others in the Insanus System is an oddity. It's entire surface is covered in a substance that has been described as earthen pudding, this pudding goes down to the outer core of the world. It has a few flora and fauna that have adapted to the odd world, the most notable is the "Pudding Wyrm." A large snake that can swallow an entire corvette whole, fortunately these entities are rare, as they spend most of their time in hibernation.

Owned by the Relorian Empire.

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No New Posts Cruor

Dema was a planet with a swampy climate. Every six months, it rained resulting in planet-wide floods, followed by six months of evaporation. It was then shrunk to the size of a marble and taken away by Kurai. Then brought back by Kurai and returned to its full size, it was changed forever. Now christened as the planet of blood, Cruor, Kurai rules here to torture, maim, and rape all who dare venture.

Owned By: The Anrufe

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on December 21, 2012, 08:51:06 PM

No New Posts Providence

One of the last great homes of the Neo Narrikian Empire, this planet's population was massacred by Shift of the Anrufe. Once full of great war factories and bases, those establishments have been destroyed and replaced with a great fort that spans for miles across the planet's main continent. This planet serves as an outpost to the Anrufe. Here, several living establishments are being built for Anrufe personnel. The Anrufe have also seemingly sealed... something... in the core of the planet.

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Rakon Galaxy

No New Posts Acanthros

This planet is fairly new with life. The most advanced piece of technology here is a wooden staff or crystal used in "magical practices". Civilization is tribal, and creatures here speak only in their native tongues. Owned by the Lizirii and Avian. Owned by the Lizirii and Avuan.

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No New Posts {Destroyed} New Citadel

Territory Description: With the Shadow Stalkers unable to protect themselves and provide the vital defenses of the planet, the Neo Narrikian Empire was quick to take over. From there, they have terraformed the world and changed the name of the planet. Defenses similar to those of Providence have been added but control of the planet has been put in the hands of Lucien instead of Celso this time around so that it is not offensive to say the least for him to run the place. The planet uses old school such as castles and similar building methods. The planet is the new power base of the NNE defensive forces and similar groups. The Planet has been coated in Neo Obsidia and has also been altered. The Entire planet has defenses now that can be used including rail guns, laser cannons and what not built into the planet itself all of which can be used with a thought. It also includes many pieces of Narrikian Ordinance. Galaxy: Rakon Galaxy Ownership: Neo Narrikian Empire

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No New Posts {Destroyed} Reversal

This planet is the primary intel center every enemy defeated, planets discovered, intel gathered, ECT discovered goes here in a highly designed computer based system, you could think of this planet as the basis of organization for this race. Other than organization it is also the planet where all the military deployments are discussed aswell as stragedies. Since this planet holds all of the intel from enemies as well as military deployment, the enemy would surely destroy this race if they manage to get there hands on this level of intel,to prevent that from happening the shadowstalkers decided to build all of this technology and military rooms underground. Meaning the entire surface of the planet has no artificially man made structures on it, everything man made you will find is underground. Aswell the shadowstalkers couldnt of created all of there technology out of thin air, so a location underground specifically for lab work is done, such as ships desighn, technology, and certain items they create to benefit the shadowstalkers

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No New Posts {Destroyed} Karu

This is the shadowstalkers home world. This is where you will find the majority of the civilisation living in peace and tranquility,living each day one at a time. This is also where recruitment is established. Shadowstalkers live free until they are a certain age depending on what there member zero dictates. Age 10, discussed recruitment by military. Age 21, discussed recruitment for intel organizing and helping on missions on the planet reversal. Age 30, discusssed for recruitment for leaders that live on the planet reversal, they discuss military deployment and stradegies. Age 50, discussed recruitment for one of the 13 members of the council

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No New Posts Fort Cloud

Formerly known as Setus Prime, Fort Cloud is the latest military installment of the Anrufe, meant to serve as a base of operations for it's military affairs and all Level 4 (soldier) Operations. It's extremely secure defenses allow it to operate smoothly and with little interference from intruders. It was developed by the Aerorufe (Technology) Division of the Anrufe. In addition to housing major military infrastructure, it also houses a good portion of the Anrufe's Special Ops Divison, known as Decay. The entire planet appears, on the outside, to now be a sun, and by all accounts, it might as well be. Anyone who approaches the fort without clearance will be burned alive. The planet only truly becomes a planet when approached by an Anrufe operative with clearance. The planet itself can not be teleported, portal'd, net'd, etc to. It can only be accessed from the outside, manually. All military structures are underground, and protected by Carvenplaren which has been superheated and then cooled down. The soil also has several defenses in it. The surface contains various defenses which keep the planet defended.

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No New Posts Volimar

Volimar is a lush and fertile green world, almost a paradise to any who did not know those who lived there. The world is split into a large amount of countries that are separated by large stretches of water. The world's travel is usually done by dragon-back and each of the countries is usually ruled over by a family of Valyrians, who live in large Holdfasts and Castles made mainly of different types of stone. The entire planet is around Medieval era in regards to technology but is very magically advanced and would not be conquered easily, even by high tech races.

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Child Boards: Old Valyria, High Valyria
No New Posts {Destroyed} Ventus Tempestus

Space station. Big space station. Formerly a base of operations for a joint-sting operation against the Anrufe by the K Empire, Zarethian Empire, and Neo-Narrikian Empire, this space station is now owned by the Anrufe after an invasion.

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No New Posts Night Haven

The capital of one of the largest and most influential Vampire Covens in the galactic cluster. Being home primarily to Vampires, Night Haven is perpetually shroaded in night, thanks to the constant shielding around the Planet. Besides that, the biggest thing about it to tell is its heavy development. Almost none of the natural forests and jungles remain, the last few bastions of nature kept ONLY as recreational zones and park areas.

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No New Posts Sunset City

Thousands of years ago, the Ancient Narrikians, fighting a war against the feared Dama Confederation, built a secret outpost with one goal in mind: Build a super-weapon capable of destroying the Narrikian's largest enemy. Because of the top-secret nature of the research, expensively powerful runic magic was used to shroud this planet from sensors of ships passing by. However; as the Narrikians began to be pushed out of the dimension by the Dama, they slowly fell back to Sunset City for protection, even long after the research initially being done here was lost. Ultimately, Sunset City was abandoned as the Ancient Narrikians made a great exodus back to their home dimension. However; it's location has been discovered by the modern Narrikians with help from now-deceased ancient Silas Knight, who compiled a list of ancient Narrikian strongholds. Now, with the fall of Memorial, it may be the last hope for the Narrikians in this dimension. But will it be enough?

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Andromeda Galaxy

No New Posts Delight

The planet of Delight is a beautiful one with vast roads of clay and large trees that stretch into the sky. It's beauty is quite unspoken during the day, and if only a bit quiet at night, though the people here seem quite welcoming. Most of the time.

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Child Boards: Village Of The Morning, The Expansive Forest, Southern Swamplands, Private Residence
No New Posts New Guardian Academy (Fire Storm)

The loss of the Wind Storm Academy was a low blow and so Lucien decided that the Vionix could help him build something even better than the previous one had been. The Fire Storm Academy has much greater capabiltiies battle wise than the predecessor of the Wind Storm Academy. Rail Guns, Coil Guns, EMP shielding due to detoxified lead and missile launchers along with Plasma Cannons have been added. The MARKER armoring system of the Vionix has also been incorporated so as to provide more protection. AM is on throughout the entire station constantly now which runs off of several compact fission cores. The Station is also able to thanks to pocket dimensional technology store vehicles and ships and mechas and what not. The New Guardian Academy is also serving as a place of education that is considerably more advanced than all others in the dimension for now. The New Guardian Academy uses simulations and holographic touch screens among other advanced pieces of science. The New Guardian Academy also uses many Narrikian advancements in science along with Vionix advancements. The New Guardian Academy holds the condors and many other pieces of technology developed by the Vionix and Lucien as a means of combatting the Anrufe. Officially this has no military purpose, but is a school. This also possesses a Hyper Drive, and an INET ring so it can go to other worlds. It is considered to be a Super Capital ship.

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No New Posts Avariel

Avarial is a planet that is much like a garden like world complete with all sorts of plants and natural beauty. The air is pure here and the animals here are much stronger than some of the ones that exist on other planets. Animals from this planet are sentient and sometimes partner up with the Narrikians who also live here. The planet is divided into eleven sections each with it's own creatures living there. The eleven areas are listed below. This planet is also the current acting capital of the Narrikian Colonies.

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Child Boards: The Tech Civilization, The Earth/Nature Civilization, The Water Civilization, The Thunder Civilization, The Fighting Civilization, The Order Civilization, The Abandoned Castle, The Forge Civilization, The Experimentation Civilization, The Prison Civilization, The Veil
No New Posts Arcanis III

Arcanis III is the homeworld of the Vionix and as such is extremely heavily defended as all Vionix colonies are, equipped with all round defenses of planetary shielding, anti landing craft guns and even massive Judgement cannons that are used for planetary destruction are used as anti ship defenses. The planet itself is a lush, green and verdant place with many glassy black oceans because of the extreme depth of them. The land itself is in two massive super continents which sit upon either side of the planet and one is covered in a lot of mountains and lakes while the other is mainly flat and covered in rolling grasslands. The atmosphere is nigh on perfect with the oxygen to nitrogen ratio. The days last 37 hours each and the year is 285 Vionix days long. (One Vionix day is 37 hours) This planet also has 3 orbiting moons.

Owned by The Vionix Empire

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No New Posts Talent

Talent, the home world of the Atlanticans, is a beautiful world which lingers in a small solar system, well guarded by the Atlantican Protectorate. With beautiful oceans and two large land masses, Talent is richly decorated with fine cities made of exotic substances. It's grand cities make it stand out from other empires, and it's architecture is unlike any other. Talent's most remarkable feature, though, is it's gas moon which orbits the planet. The moon is a very exotic sight, blue, and emits waves of frost upon Talent. As such, the nights on Talents are incredibly cold, while the days are moderate. At the center of the moon, it's core has been replaced with an artificial one, which actually serves as the base of operations for the Atlantican Government. The core is also the last defense of Talent.

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Child Boards: Atlantican Moon Artificial Core
No New Posts Arcanis VIII

Arcanis VIII was the first planet to be settled upon when the Vionix became a spacefaring race and as such is considered the first "true" colony of their empire. It is a massive planet, easily four times Earth's size yet it has the same amount of gravity from its slow spin and seemingly small core. It is a water only planet with massive sea creatures that can be easily 100 kilometres long living upon it. Every ocean upon the surface is over 5 miles deep and as such the planet appears black from space and is said to give off a strange, chilling air when viewed upon from space. The population live upon massive floating cities that can harbour millions of Vionix each and which can move to avoid natural disasters and the massive sea beasts. Each day is 71 hours long and the years last 447 Vionix days. It also has 17 orbiting moons.

Owned by The Vionix Empire

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No New Posts Valince

The birthplace of the Magistracy and capital of their vast empire; originally a very cold and mountainous world but the Magister's have transformed it into a technopath's wet-dream. Forty percent of the planet is the only thing not covered in city-scape and is preserved for native flora and fauna, but the rest of the planet is practically nothing but metal, magic, and neon lights.

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No New Posts Dagral

Valince's largest moon and the Magister's military command center in their home system. This moon is practically nothing more than a stationary ship nowadays. All of the Magister's military personal on leave must stay on Dagral for defensive purposes, but the moon has been equipped with a more then satisfactory recreational district. The moon itself used to be nothing more then a cold forest, but the Magister's have turned it into the little brother of Valince; massive anti-capital and halaex cannons every one hundred meters makes this moon look somewhat like a spiky ball of death.

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No New Posts Arcanis VII

Arcanis VII was the second world colonized by the Vionix and was done so without knowledge of space ships or spacefaring. It was colonized by a daring teleportation by the first colonists who teleported in with their equipment and buildings and set it all up within the 1 and a half hour air supply their suits had and then they started living there for a while, getting conditions established before they allowed more colonists to be teleported to the planet and from then it grew into a city that covers half of the planet. The planet itself is a desolate but mineral rich chunk of rock that is now half city/mining colony and is torn apart to get to the precious materials stored within its crust. Its day is 15 hours long and its year is 104 Vionix Days long. It also has 9 orbiting moons.

Owned by The Vionix Empire

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No New Posts Ancient Narrikian World

An ancient world devoid of any form of technology, this world, wild in nature, was once a world of the Narrikians, and it is here that Narrikian leaders must go to receive their training. Those who seek the throne must first come to an ancient dojo of sorts on this planet, alone.

Ruling Party: Narrikian Elders, Order Of Concordia

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Uncharted Space

No New Posts Herold's Tropical Rum Shop

Floating in space, this rum shop has some damn good rum in it.

Ruling Party: Dull Star's Pirates, Herold

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No New Posts La'laqu AKA Zorekilan

La'laqu is a small, mostly ocean planet covered in sprawling gray-green seas interrupted only by two twin continents connected by minute land bridges. The ocean and the continent of the planet are sprinkled with the metallic remains of many old machines, whole cities sit on the waves, supported by hyper-strong collumns and flickering gravitational generators, slowly sinking into the depths. On the twin continents of Loreaz and Zaerol, the cities are not quite as abandoned. Long ago, this place had been very important to the Agio Confederacy, all until the Lorcar began to attack and destroy, pillaging at random. In turn for protection, the Zarethian Citizens of La'laqu gave up all their magical apptitude and ability and thus were cut off from the rest of the confederacy as it collapsed. Now the citizenry reside under an elected Tyrranical system. Owned by: Agio (The Old, pre-Lorcar Zarethian Empire) Confederacy Remnants

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No New Posts Lothar

Homeworld to the Academy, Lothar is a lush world with a few major cities where the society is very advance. Aside from the Academy's cities and the trade oppertunities there really isn't anything on Lothar that could attract any major races in known space. Through out the whole planet the Academy has set up AAA Guns to protect itself from invaders.

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No New Posts Ancient Chronicles

The Narrikians before even Allen or Rezick made a library of sorts, a compendium of all the knowledge they had ever acquired. It was in this floating fortress that they would stash all sorts of secrets both technological ones and ones of other nature. Recently it has been located by Celso even though he cannot bypass the security systems of the place as only a Kytori is meant to be the one inside of there as it was Terrence's ancestors who built the place. The Ancient Repository has highly advanced tech and schematics for old but more powerful ships than the NNE uses now. It also has plasma cannons, coil guns, rail guns, EMP cannons and EMP proof shielding. The Ancient Chronicles are more advanced than anything the Neo Narrikian Empire has seen in the past. Once Terrence discovered it he has been given full command of the place by the golem there. It even contains books on all Narrikian languages as well which makes translating things here a good thing to do. Further, anyone but a Kytori would find their m. related abilities weakened severely within this place. No one knows why, it just happens.

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No New Posts S H O R E

The planet of Shore is a very small one. It is quiet and serene, mostly ocean, with just a small piece of land upon it. Right upon the ocean sits the sage named K2323's house. The house has a nice dock on the ocean and is generally a very peaceful, little place. Owned by K2323 and family, this planet was the site of the final battle of the Embodiment Civil War and one of the last battles of the Plexan War. The last match of the Excel Tournament will take place in an arena being built here.

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No New Posts Devourer of Life

Another planet-sized lifeform. This one attacks any source of life, whether carbon-based, silicon, nitrogen, whatever, in order to consume all life. Unlike its twin, it is very hostile. Owned by: Unknown

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No New Posts Devourer of Stars

A planet-sized lifeforms made of Metal. It flies throughout the universe to devour planets, but is benign towards other lifeforms elsewise unless roused. Owned by: Unknown

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No New Posts Era Village

Existing in a space between timelines, this is a village once apart of the Era Valley and previously thought to be destroyed. It is the childhood home of Hikaru and the birthplace of the Genesis Twins, and was once led by Chaos. Following an attempt by Hikaru to destroy it made hundreds of years ago, it has been placed separate from time, making it one of the only places where the dead can convene, besides the afterlife. Home of the Keeper's Court.

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Child Boards: Keeper's Palace
No New Posts {Destroyed} UnStellar's Pocket Dimension

A pocket dimension whose location UnStellar himself isn't always sure of. A bizarre land that almost looks like God's sand box, scattered structures cover the land, some finished, others appearing incomplete or as simple concept pieces to be built upon. The landscape, though beautiful, is shuffled and unusual, some plants are mixed and mashed from various climates in one area, and one may suddenly find themselves stepping from a rainforest into a desert, and from a desert into an ocean if they're not careful.

Owned By: UnStellar

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No New Posts Sheo'lin

This small system has only one planetary body, the body of a small, several kilometer long asteroid. Other then that, the dying blue sun and debris fields of ancient, long gone planets. This system is well protected by the Zarethian Empire and used as a top secret, low profile diplomatic ground for all sorts of actions. There are several ships disguised as debris, turrets on the asteroid and floating inside the gravity well, as well as AP and AT shields that are only brought down when sent friendly signals by the IFFs.

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No New Posts Ta'lon Varet Tubeske

The Galaxy Forge is an ancient dyson sphere around the system's sun created by a secret order of individuals in the Agio Zarethian Empire. The planet looks like a large desert world full of canyons and mountains and other such crevices. There are a few small settlements on the surface but the inhospitable surface lead most into the crust and the interlocking mechanical corridors built into the planet. The planet itself is actually a large factory powered by the solar core that produces whatever schematics are put into the advanced controls. The Forge was recently found by the Zarethian Empire who recolonized it without any real trouble but have no idea what they've stumbled upon.

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No New Posts Zaned

Former homeworld to the Nyx, all that remains on Zaned, a planet of flat plains and rivers with a single, small ocean, is ruins of great Nyx Structures. Colonized by the Zarethians, nobody dares go near the great structure known as the Sage Hall.

Colony Of: New Zarethian Empire

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No New Posts Other

For IC topics that don't fit anywhere else.

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No New Posts Chaotic Canyons

The domain of Anarchy, these canyons are fairly fertile. Throughout the valley in the canyons, there are large, natural pillars which allow those atop of them to see for miles. The air here is strangely heavy, and the sky is a dark red at times. Destroyed in the Battle Of Chaotic Canyons.

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No New Posts Grey Island

Grey Island is a bit of a mystery. Halfway between the Positive and Negative sides of the Dimensional Plane, Grey Island technically shouldn't exist. Yet, for those unfortunate enough to get here (has happened only two or three times in the course of history), it is very real. Grey Island itself is an island in a grey ocean of dimensional energy. The island is small, and there's a small shack on the island which is inhabited by none other than Grey, an old man who long ago left his sanity behind.

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No New Posts {Destroyed} Abandoned Guardian Headquarters

Long ago, a powerful race of people who called themselves Guardians tried to protect existence. Now, all that remains of them are the Aralangs, a powerful empire.. This is an abandoned base with many security systems around it. Inside is much knowledge of the dimensional plane. Destroyed in the year 2054, it remains here even after its death.

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No New Posts {Destroyed} Nox

A negative Dimension, Nox was created using advanced magic which formed it from the soul of "Him". Meaning, "Him" has ultimate control here. Can only be accessed through a "Death Gate" or by summoning of "Him".

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No New Posts {Destroyed} REALM.DARKNESS

REALM.DARKNESS is a dark realm which can't be found simply in a dimension or through death. It is a place which exists only inside the spirits of the living and the spirits of the dead, linking all beings together through hate and suffering. This realm calls forth the darkness in people... Only when the darkness has completely consumed one will they be brought here to this realm to bathe in their suffering alongside others who have been consumed by the darkness.

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No New Posts Aralang Dimensions

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Child Boards: SF Dimension, Aralang Prison Dimension, Aralang Reinforcement Outpost Dimension
No New Posts Neo Nox

With the crowning of the new embodiments of Destruction, Nox has been recreated anew from the combined souls of the successors. Unlike the place of darkness that was the original Nox, this new Nox has been formed into a place of beauty with violet and gold skies painted in an eternal sunset and grass of darkened black.

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No New Posts Outerverse

The positive Dimensional Core. The Outerverse tends to have a variety of landscape as it's designed to contain all elements, and every other landscape possible. It was owned by the famous sage named Hikaru Tyris for years, but was taken in battle by the Garelang Virus on the faithful date of the 24th of June, 2062, Intergalactic Standard Time.

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No New Posts Sage Dimension

The Sage Dimension is one of the oldest dimensions in existence. Home to most magic users, it is primarily inhabited by sages.

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Child Boards: Tower 8, Genesis Ruins, Genesis Kingdom, Era Valley, Glacian Valley, Caelum
No New Posts The Demented Ballroom

Made around 8 years ago by Insana, and Skye, the Demented Ballroom has become a sort of meeting place for the more joyous and festive embodiments, and their followers. Every day for exactly 1 hour, the ballroom forces everyone out. This hour is dedicated to Insana who spends his time waiting for his lost love. The ballroom itself, is enormous. It is draped with the various flags and banners of the New Dementia Realm, and brilliantly decorated, complimenting the space outside. Access is, however, only gained with the permission or invite of Insana. Owned by: Insana, the Embodiment of Insanity. Skye, the Embodiment of Space.

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No New Posts The Core

The negative Dimensional Core. Was host to Plex, the embodiment killer, until he was defeated in the Plexan War by the Warrior Of The Light and friends.

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No New Posts Realm of Deletrius

The Realm of the lost. A negative dimension filled with the things lost, unfound, and others that had just disappeared, as well as botched teleportations. All white, with a single plane of floor that extends the whole dimension in all directions. Things taken by black holes and other botched spells, often end up here as well. Beware of floating anchors with ships attached. Recently revealed to be the result of a major contradiction, thus as a result it is a land of irrationality.

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No New Posts Records of Time

The inner Domain of Time. Unlike the white realm that mortals may see when they enter the domain of time, which is the outskirts, the outer domain. This is the inner domain, where all the records of time may be found. Quite possibly, and without a doubt, the largest Archive ever, The Records of Time is every event, person, object, or anything else of existence, bound into one infinite realm that resembles a common library. Each and every thing of Time, recorded, and archived in the books that lie here. Access to here is forbidden and imposibble unless taken to by the Embodiment of Time or the race of Templars.

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No New Posts New Dementia

The Realm of New Dementia is the origin of all insanity. It is naturally a dark and depressing place for the most part. The skies are always filled with black, purple, and blue (Sometimes pink) star constellations. On the flip side, there is also another half called New Mania. New Mania is still considered to be apart of ND, but features colorful and insanely happy characteristics. It is always sunny, and the plant life is bright and colorful. In the center of the Realm, lies the City of Insania. The city is literally split down the middle and divided between the between the two sections. In the City lies the Palace of Demonea de Lycon where the 2 courts are housed, and the Lord's (In this case the Countess') manor is held. Only those blessed by the Demented Priests may enter this realm. The Embodiment of Insanity Rules supreme.

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Child Boards: Dementia, Mania, Insania, Palace


No New Posts North

Many believe this place is Heaven, and for years, the leaders of the North, the embodiments, have kept up the illusion. With the death of the supreme leader of the North, Eli, the ruler of the North is unclear. It is the home to those who have "died" a physical death and have been judged in the Spirit Realm. Also home to the "angels" created by Eli in the image of real angels.

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No New Posts Spirit Realm

The Spirit Realm is a judgment place of the afterlife where those who die are frozen in time. Also home to Purgatory, a large court room with two judges where the dead are unfrozen and brought to in order to meet judgment.

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No New Posts {Destroyed} South

Once an "afterlife" created by the embodiments, to house their precious city, and to punish the wicked, this place was [i]deleted[/i] as a result of The Games, an event in which many tried to take the throne of this place for their own. Now a mere relic, it sits here, abandoned.

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A seemingly quiet realm that has been composed naturally over the centuries by loose spirit energy, magical energies, and dimensional energies which have gathered to form this unknown realm far below the Dimensional Plane, further South than the place where Erebus and Old South once stood. Completely empty. For now. Spiriven's physical form and climate can be changed by whoever Spiriven deems its current master to be. By default, it appears to be black space, with a number of stars in the distance in any given direction.

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