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Title: New Arrivals
Post by: Nisorin on September 22, 2010, 10:55:27 PM
Iroku, still sitting in the Outerverse, communing with it, startled a small bit when the two kids just popped into existence before him. Looking quite confused, he stands to his feet, his armor covering only the lower half of his body as he takes a couple steps towards them. "Lost, little ones?"
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Post by: Queen Bright on September 22, 2010, 11:52:57 PM
The two kids looked in astonishment at the landscape they were teleported to, because Kotah had teleported when he was younger, he knew the feeling. But it didn't make it any less surprising, and yet, a sense of fulfilling at the same time. When Iroku had spoke, the kids automatically by reaction reached for their guns, but by surprise noticed they had crumbled, along with every other piece of tech they had on them, such is the fate to befall any building or tech upon the Outerverse.

Now kind of frightened, but still assured, as it was their mother who had sent them there, and Kotah, if not both of them, trusted their mother. Out of the two, Kotah finally spoke up. "W-w-we were supposed to choose between our mother, Hikaru, or the ASF. But I sensed we were going to die soon, so Hi- our mother sent us here. She said to find Celestie."

"A-a-and that we could get help with our magic if we found her." Ezael added.

Kotah looked to the technology that had crumbled, along with Ezael. "A-a-aren't we going to get in trouble for that?" The both of them stammered.
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Post by: Nisorin on September 23, 2010, 12:02:27 AM
His expression falls into one of aggravation as he listens to their short story. "Hikaru is a good lady. ASF not so good. They do anything to get their way. May have kill you if you pick your mom." He says, looking down at the pile of gun-bits. "Celly friend of me, but she tired from fight, she sleeping. Outerverse and I help you, if you want. I take you to Celly when she wake up."
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Post by: Queen Bright on September 24, 2010, 01:31:52 AM
Both Kotah and Ezael looked at Iroku, a bit fearful, but trying their best to hide it. 

"They might kill us for choosing our mother?" Kotah looked a bit scared when asking. "Why? Why train us, then kill us?"

"And what did she do?" Ezael questioned, "They said she was a criminal, but why?"
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Post by: Nisorin on September 24, 2010, 01:37:50 AM
"She did things they not like. Learned things they not want anyone to know. So they call her criminal. They train you to be them. You not supposed to pick your mother, in their thoughts. They train you to pick them always. Fool-like, but that be the ASF. Outerverse safe from ASF. Their teck not work here, like yours. This place of magic. Of spirit, of power. Big power. Big spirit, though lonely pup kind spirit. Old 'owners' not talk with Outerverse, not play with it. You want magic, play with Outerverse. Outerverse like animal, no free think like us. But animal smarter than us, understand nature like we can not. Outerverse can help with magic, but choice of mother or ASF is yours. No one make choice for you." He says, taking a few slow steps towards them.
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Post by: Queen Bright on September 25, 2010, 02:37:00 AM
Both Kotah and Ezael looked at Iroku, confused. What the heck did he mean? Were they really okay to take help from someone so... insane? Finally Kotah spoke up, as Ezael said nothing. "What's a spirit? And how can you play with a location?"
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Post by: Nisorin on September 25, 2010, 02:53:56 AM
He simply stares at the kids a moment, and starts laughing. "You teens, almost adults. You should know everything have spirit. Spirit is what we are, under skin and muscle and bone. Spirit our personality, memories, magic, who we are, what we are. Body just case for spirit. Spirit control body through mind. Spirit command mind, mind control body." He explains, closing his eyes a moment before raising his hands, a sort of trailing after-effect following a quarter-second late. "Everything have spirit. Planet, person, animal, bacteria. Stone, place of power. Dimension." He says, his arms sweeping out to gesture at the Outerverse. "Even Alang have spirit, but they ignore it. They not take care of it, not take hold of its power. Ignore it."
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Post by: Queen Bright on September 25, 2010, 07:42:06 PM
"So.. even we have spirits?" Ezael dared to ask.

Kotah watched Iroku, "We haven't been older for very long... Three years at most... But we weren't taught anything about magic or spirits, or anything outside what we already knew. But we even lost that till Hik- our mother... restored it. But I still can't use magic. I used it once or twice, but now I can't."

Ezael nodded and added in, "They said we lost connection to it."
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Iroku freezes up like a statue at that revelation, a soft growl rumbling out from his throat. "Only badbadbadbadbad pain do that. Torture kind of pain. Mind shut magic away, get ready to die. Can be fixed by spirit guide." He says, his voice low before he turns to face Ezael, crouching to eye level. "Every living thing have spirit, even some not living things." He says, before standing back up and walking a couple steps away. "Need help to fix magic. Magic personal thing. Different for everyone. Spirit guide show you way. Want to play?"
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"Play...?" Ezael asked.

"..What do you mean?" Kotah finished.
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"Play. It is how animals learn to hunt, by playing with each other. Best way to learn about own body, what it can and can't do. Play with spirit guide teach magic. I played with spirit Koraiten to learn my magic." He answers, placing his hands on their shoulders. "Meditate good skill for any magic user. Teach control of self."
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Post by: Queen Bright on September 25, 2010, 10:45:22 PM
The kids looked at each other. But what was play? And meditate? Spirit guide? Finally they looked back at Iroku. "How do we play?" Kotah spoke up.

"And what's a spirit guide?" Ezael questioned.
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Post by: Nisorin on September 25, 2010, 11:36:45 PM
At Kotah's question, Iroku's face turns to a sad frown. "Children, who know not how to play? ASF badbadbadbadBADbadbad." He says softly, glancing between the two teens. "Wish I knew how to make you kids again. Should have normal kid lifes, but I not know how to fix ASF badness." He continues, ruffling their hair a bit as he takes a couple steps back. "Can do next best thing. Show you be kids, in mind-world. Spirit guide part of you, sleeping until you wake it. Teach you magic, help you when in trouble, be with you when lonely. Magic-user's first friend, normally." He explains, crouching down and placing the palm of his hand softly against the ground. He closes his eyes, and a strange feeling washes over the kids. The after-trail extends into an outright aura of a clear green energy swirling about him, soaring outwards only to dive back into him. The ground beneath their feet erupts in a similar aura, a translucent silver as grass and trees sprout from the ground, slowly forming into a small patch of forest around the three complete with flowers and singing birds, chittering squirrels and flying bugs. With a soft exhale, a stone drum with an animal-skin pad raises from the ground before Iroku's knees.

"Many ways to meditate, but I show you Shamai way. Want to meet spirit guides?" He asks, his voice deeper and stronger as he kneels before the drum, one hand resting atop it as he gazes at Kotah and Ezael in turn, a strange look of wisdom within his eyes.
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Post by: Queen Bright on September 26, 2010, 02:58:00 AM
Both kids nodded, holding onto the words Iroku said as they felt a familiar part of themselves come alive at the sense of the energy around. They couldn't use magic anymore, but this didn't mean it wasn't still there, still a apart of them, and still able to react. It made them feel safe, made them feel like they belonged, and made them feel complete.

"I want magic back.." Kotah spoke up. "I want to know what I lost. The part of me I can still feel... And why I can sense things others can't. Like, that we were going to die."

Ezael nodded to Kotah's statement. "How do we meet them? How do we get magic back?"
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He smiles and gestures at the grass beneath their feet. "Sit. Listen. Let beat fill your ears, your mind. Let thoughts slowly flow away like water from stream." He says, starting to softly beat at the drum in a slow, steady beat. ONE two ONE two ONE two ONE two, echoing about the Outerverse like a heartbeat. "Call your guide. Call out your name in your mind, let it echo off the walls. Guide will call back, pull you to your mind-world."
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Post by: Queen Bright on September 26, 2010, 10:45:09 PM
The two kids looked at each other and then took a seat in the grass, closing their eyes as Iroku instructed them to do. At first they found it hard to concentrate, as they didn't know what to feel, or what was supposed to happen. Magic was there, they could feel that. But was this supposed to be any different? Face with the problem of being skeptic on the matter, the kids attempted not to think, trying to forget all thoughts and worries of the things they had recently learned. But it wasn't that easy. Every time they tried to let a thought go, another mental block was created. Their mother, the ASF, the realization that they had lost themselves for three years. All of this challenged their thoughts and caused their meditation to stumble.

Kotah was the first to finally enter meditation, as he had done magic three times by now, and had a closer tie to it than his brother. He had experienced it for those few times, and had learned to recognize it better. That, and his ability of psychic sight through clairsensing, helped him to see through the mental blocks.

For Ezael though, he didn't have those advantages, and his own ability, the gift to see emotions, actually put him at a disadvantage. Every mental block, every realization,  and event that had happened, he felt through to the emotion of it all, bothered by what he felt, as soaked it up and felt every single thing, himself. Almost like he was a sponge for feelings and emotion, one to take on the pain of others involved, added with his own. 

Finally, Ezael just opened his eyes and sighed, "I can't do it.." He stammered, looking over at Kotah who seemed to have been able to accomplish the task, as he was perfectly still, unmoving except for breathing. "Nothing happens."

Kotah's breathing slowed further, as his thoughts seem to drift off, his mind at peace once the worries and mental blocks had been evaded. The blades of grass gently blew about around him, as the energy of the meditation was called. This was on the outside, however, as the inside, was much more dark, and foreboding. What was supposed to be a calm world of the spirit and mind, one would think, was much more different.

Blackened glass the color of ash, painted the walls of what seemed like a cave of ice, the ice, being made up of the glass its self. Violet balls of flame littered the path through the cave, providing the only light source around. But the most strange part? In the walls of glass, each held a door, locked, as the contents inside it was held from the owner, Kotah, who in the form of a five-year old in this world, felt strangely attracted to each and every one.
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Iroku places his hand atop Ezael's head, smiling at him as he keeps the beat with his other hand. "Relax. Close your eyes and focus on the sound of the beat. Breathe slow, deep. Some need time more than other. Every mage different, even twins." He says, glancing over at Kotah as he feels the energy rise up around him. "Meditate hard for some, easy for other. Hard for feelers, easy for seers. Try again, worry not. Get it sooner or later. Be patient."
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Continuing to try locked doors, Kotah suddenly stopped as he heard sounds around him. Turning back around to face the path, and the light from the violet flames, Kotah could see a distinct shadow upon the glass walls. And then? It was gone; only to appear on another wall ahead of the path. Catching the hint, Kotah walked back to the path and followed the shadow, keeping in between the flames on both sides, and preventing himself from going towards the locked doors. Even when he felt he wanted to know, Kotah still followed.

Time passed for what felt like an endless eternity to a five-year-old when truly it was only a few hours, as Kotah continued to follow the path, staying just behind the shadow, as it appeared on the wall, always ahead of him, and always turning back to make sure he was following. At last, light began to fill his vision when he neared the end of the path, a bright violet light that became more ambient as he walked closer.
The shadow that was ahead, once in the light, jumped from the very wall and awaited him in the brightest part of the radiance ahead, waiting for him.

Back in the Outerverse, Ezael tried again, this time closing his eyes and pushing all emotions of his own and others to the side, keeping them behind him in the far back of his mind. With each breath he took, the worry became less and less, till suddenly, his breathing slowed, and the energy began to pick up around him, lulling him into a sense of calm in his very soul, spirit, and mind.

A multitude of colored lights surrounded him, as Ezael found himself on single platform of land, centered in an endless sea of rainbow. The boy that was Ezael, who now took five-year-old form, began to look about him, to observe the colored water of the sea, and to see the sky which seemed less ambient and more faded.

Curiosity getting the better side of him, as it was his true nature, Ezael walked towards the edge of the single squared plane of land he was on, and knelt down to brush his hand against the water. Cold to the touch, Ezael showed surprise, when another plane of land appeared underneath where his hand had been just a mere second ago. But the strangest thing? When Ezael had stood up to jump to the next platform, he looked back and saw the former platform he was one. It was square in shape, and had a red binding, the cover of what seemed like a book.

Looking down, Ezael jumped as he realized the plane he was on now, was blue, and the cover of a book as well. And in front of that book, another book appeared. And another, and after that, another one, each, one after the other, forming a path through the endless rainbow sea. Strangely drawn to the path, Ezael soon found himself jumping from book to book, even though there seemed to be no end in sight.

When at last he reached a certain book, there on the very edge of it, stood a book shelf, filled with a million more smaller books, some old, some new, and some very faded.
But atop the bookshelf, there stood a statue, its form obscured from sight by the clouded rainbow sky. Also taking the hint, Ezael grabbed the nearest book and climbed onto the ledge of one of the shelves, then took another book, and continued on, attempting to climb to the top.

But was there a top? Ezael couldn't be sure, because the farther he climbed, the more endless the book shelf seemed to be. Its top, extending endlessly into the sky.
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Iroku gradually increases the tempo, his eyes closing as he reaches out to the Outerverse once again. Throwing his head back, the aura of spirit energy starts to take a slowly shifting shape of a bear around his body. As if in response, the clear silver energy of the Outerverse's rises up once again around the trio, slowly merging and compressing itself between them, shaping itself into a silver butterfly, fluttering peacefully around Iroku as they await the childrens' meetings.
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One book after the other, Ezael continued to climb the towered shelf, all the way to the top. Whatever top there was, anyways. Red, green, blue, book by book, he made his way up each and every shelf. He had to be nearly there by now, didn't he? Carefully clinging to the shelf as he held onto what seemed like a gray book, Ezael dared to look up, searching with his eyes for the statue.

There atop the shelf, but still so very far away, was the statue, completely in shadow and impossible to make out the details. Had he not climbed at all? Ezael sighed in frustration. He was never going to get there! That guy had been wrong. Ezael didn't have what it took to reconnect with his magic. He wasn't like his brother. Kotah had a gift for it, he had been in contact with it over three times. Ezael hadn't.

Just as he was about to give up and start climbing down, Ezael could feel his hand slipping from the book above him. Gripping it tighter, Ezael tried to pull himself back up, but felt the book its self slipping out of its spot in the shelf, almost as if the shelf was forcing him away. With a cry of surprise, Ezael fell back, falling from the shelf with shock across his face.

Falling faster, Ezael waved his arms out in the air attempting to grab the shelf as he fell passed it. But try as he might, he couldn't seem to get close enough to it. The more he tried, the farther away it seemed.

No! If he didn't do something he was going to hit the bottom! But what could he do?!

Tightly closing his eyes in the act of bracing himself for the impact of hitting the ground, Ezael suddenly felt something hard hit his head and opened his eyes to find the book he had fell from drop off his head and into his hands. Through sudden instinct and without thinking, Ezael wrenched open the book, its pages cemented stone.

The same instinct willing him on and urging him to not give in, Ezael struggled further with the book and finally, at last, the pages started to open little by little. When the book was about half way open, a golden light came flooding out, its luminous rays breaking through what was left of the stone and flooding him in its brilliance.

When the light had faded, Ezael found himself falling slower, a slight tickle to his back. As he turned his head to look, he found to his surprise, he had wings. The knowledge of flight in his mind, given to him seemingly out of nowhere, Ezael did as his senses told him and flew to the top of the shelf, straight towards the statue that appeared to be calling to him.

Kotah on the other hand, was having much more trouble. The closer he got to his goal of the shadow ahead of him, the more the shadows around him pulled him back. Bound in literal shadowed forms tying him to place, Kotah kicked and fought his way through the miasma of gloom. The shadows like chains holding him back. The more he fought, the tighter their grip became.

When Kotah could take no more he stopped and the shadows began to cover him, smothering him in their darkness, pulling him further in and attempting to steal his last breath. Coughing and choking, Kotah struggled to fight the shadows again, each attempt more futile than the last. His air cut off from the smothering darkness, Kotah's vision began to dim, the things around him spinning as he became light headed.

Was this the end?

Kotah's vision blackened as he fell back, the shadows consuming him whole...

And then? A brilliany light flared through the cave, its color aglow as it surrounded the near-unconscious child in violet flames. The light searing through his eyelids, Kotah weakly forced them open, only to find the shadows were slowly releasing their hold on him. They seemed to be afraid of the light. But this wasn't enough to make them retreat.

Feeling his head start to clear, Kotah welcomed the warmth of the flames, his vision and senses returning to him. With the light as his guides, Kotah returned to his struggle, forcing himself through the hold of the shadows and towards the shadow in light at the end of the cave. The flames burning through the miasma, Kotah at last reached the end, running into the light.

The very moment Kotah reached the shadodw, Ezael reached the statue, both children reaching to their respective goals at the same time. When they had, something happened, and the whole worlds around them fell apart, the children finding themselves in a field of grass, together. In front of each of them, were the objects that called out to them.

In Ezael's hand was the statue, which, now that he could see it better, resembled a totem of a young type of cat. Holding it in the both of his hands, Ezael rubbed his hand across it, the statue glowing in response. Ezael jumped back in surprise, dropping it as it alight with energy. Fallen to the grass, the statue grew to the size of a young cub, which stood to all fours and walked to Ezael, its form revealed to be that of a bobcat.

At the same time, the shadow Kotah had reached, now stood in front of him, its eyes watching him, but doing nothing else. It seemed to be waiting for him.

Reaching forward, Kotah brushed his hand across what seemed like the head of the shadow. To his shock, Kotah fell back, when the violet flames from his hand literally melted the shadow off, fur revealed to be under it. Quickly getting over his surprise, Kotah knew what to do and began to pet the shadowed form, everywhere the fire from his hands touched, more and more shadow melted off.

At last, the rest of the shadow was gone, and the form beneath took that of a young lynx, also barely a cub.

As both children stared at each of the respective felines in front of them. A voice rang in their head.


The question rang in each of their minds, as the two felines walked closer towards the unresponsive children, this time the voice was more demanding.

PLAY?! The question was sent with more emotion attached to it, feeling  and visual imagery accompanying the request.

This time both Kotah and Ezael nodded, the two of them reaching down and picking up the cubs. And as they did, they felt a connection to them, a sense of being complete, as if a friend that had been away had returned to them.

Satisfied, the cubs jumped out of the kids arms, and the children followed, letting what they now knew to be their Spirit Guides lead the way into the lush grass ahead.
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Iroku smiles at them as he stands, cradling what looks like an uprooted sapling in his arms. A sphere of greenish liquid extracts itself from the plant, enlarging to surround the children in a protective cocoon as they play with their guides. "I be back soon. Bad men come to Outerverse, want to hurt it." He whispers, slowly sinking into the ground as Yaohi's hand and wrist emerge from one part of the sphere, waving a farewell to him and Koraiten.